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Wayne R. Gipson, CFOT/CFOS/O/I/QUAL T,  President

Wayne has been working in fiber optics since 1990, and co-founded Gipson Fiber Optic Services, Inc. in 1994.  


FCC Commercial General Class Radiotelephone License holder, Certified Electronics Technician (CET), Certified Fiber Optics Technician (CFOT), Certified Fiber Optic Specialist in Outside Plant (CFOS/O), FOA approved instructor for CFOT,CFOS/O and CFOS/T classes.

State of Kansas Department of Education Certificate holder for teaching Electronics in adult education programs offered by higher education institutions in that state.

Author of "Technician's Handbook of Fiber Optics", published by abc Teletraining, Inc. copyright 2000

Author of "Testing Optical Fiber with an OTDR"
published by abcTeletraining, Inc. copyright 2000,

Created CD-ROM "Fiber Optics Troubleshooting"
copyright 2005

Written magazine article on fiber optics for "Mobile Radio Technology" Magazine, (and an article on car stereo installation for "Popular Electronics" magazine)

Wrote and presented seminars on:
"Introduction to Fiber Optic Technology for Telephone Technicians"
"Fiber Optic Cable Path Restoration for Telephone Technicians"
"Fiber Optic Testing and Troubleshooting"
"Fiber Optic Splicer School"
"LAN Fiber Optic Workshop

Field work (1990 to present)
Fiber Optic Cable splicing, testing, termination, cable prep, and consultation on material purchases and applications on projects including Independent Telephone Companies, manufacturers, aircraft plants, utility companies, including deployment of fiber optics as a contractor for a nuclear power plant, water treatment plants, schools and business campuses. worked on a team that planned and constructed a 720 mile fiber optic deployment for Westar Energy that included deployment of OPGW, aerial, and buried fiber plant into offices and substations. Prepped, spliced and tested cable plant for FTTH deployments in several Kansas communities.


Labette Community College Associates in Applied Science, Digital Electronics, Microprocessors, PLCs 1989 – 1990

Fort Hays State University Bachelor of General Studies, BGS, History, Liberal Arts, Industrial Arts 1977 – 1980

Garden City Community College Associates, Liberal Arts 1975 – 1977

Adjunct instructor in Electronics for Labette Community College (1990) and NCKAVTS (1987)

Greg Jennings, CFOT, CFOS/O, Vice President

Greg has been working in fiber optics since 1994, and is a co-founder of Gipson Fiber Optic Services, Inc.


Garden City Community College 

Fort Hays State University Bachelors degree in Business 1982

Our Team